About us

Although our company was formally established in 1951, its activities began already before the WWII. Ever since then, we have mostly been active in the fields of designing and implementing electrical installations in the broadest sense.

On a global scale, our activities have left an impact in many countries around the world. We are strongly involved in our wider social environment, be it by participating in educational activities or social, cultural, sports and humanitarian affairs, for which we received the silver municipal award at the occasion of celebrating 60 years of the company.

Elektrosignal is one of the most successful Slovenian companies in the field of electrical installations today, both in terms of the number of its employees and of the revenue generated.

Our key competitive advantages are the long-standing tradition with more than 60 years of experience, the constant monitoring and control of the high quality, regular upgrades of professional expertise, adherence to agreed timeframes, the comprehensive supply, as well as trend-tracking by introducing innovation and modern technologies.

We offer comprehensive services, ranging from design, delivery and execution to regular professional maintenance and support.

We appreciate all self-starting colleagues and pay special attention to upgrading the professional competencies of our employees. Approximately 45 staff members contribute to the successful work of our company daily.

Organisation chart of the company